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Our history in Indonesia

PT Vale has a proud history in Indonesia. It all begins with exploration in the eastern part of Sulawesi in the 1920s. Learn more about our performance over the decades.

Transparency and Policies

Our company has a set of documents and policies that guide our work according to our purpose and the legal and international standards.

Learn more about our policies


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Our leadership

PT Vale Indonesia is committed to implement the best practices of governance, both in National and International scale.

Board of Directors

With a keen focus on sustainable growth, our Board of Directors and management teams are working diligently to execute the Company's strategic plans, deliver superior returns to shareholders and ensure the company fulfills its commitment to excellence in environmental and social responsibility.

Board of Commissioners

The Company's Board of Commissioners is responsible for overseeing the Company’s management by the Board of Directors and for ensuring the Company has implemented GCG in a sustainable manner.

Corporate Governance Policy 

The Company has implemented the Corporate Governance Guidelines for Public Companies. 


Our Board of Commissioners is in charge of duties and responsibilities to supervise the management of the Company and to give advice to the Board of Directors. 

Corporate Secretary 

The Corporate Secretary is responsible to the Board of Directors and has a strategic function as a liaison between the Company and the shareholders, OJK, IDX and other stakeholders. 
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Results and Reports

Download our annual documents and learn more about PT Vale Indonesia financial and sustanability results

Become Our Supplier in Indonesia

If your company would like to become a Vale supplier, you can download and complete the registration form by clicking here or registering on our E-Procurement​ system.