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In 2022, Vale celebrates eight decades of existence with the realization that a trajectory so full of chapters cannot be told from a single point of view.

Our legacy was built by many people and for many people. After all, we exist to improve life and transform the future. Together.

In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we have prepared a compilation of our evolution over time, highlighting the importance of those who help us go far, how we got to you and how we take our commitment to tomorrow beyond mining. Check it out:

Learn details of the history that has been written since July 1, 1942

Understand how Vale values its past, stay focused on the present while working to improve the future.

Learn about the story of some of these employees who are with us on this journey.

Over the years, the people who have worked at Vale have helped us to grow and have always been an essential part of our purpose of “Improving life and transforming the future. Together”.

Have you ever stopped to think about how Vale’s work reaches you?

Mining may seem like a distant topic from your daily life, but it is indispensable for the production of various products and services that you cannot live without. An example is the cell phone and electricity. Do you want to learn more?

Boosting the communities around us, investing in education, culture and social projects is also part of our commitment to the future.

Looking outside our walls transforms the way we work. Learn more about our projects

It is by writing together our history that we have come far.

May these be the first 80 years of partnership with our employees and society.Shall we together transform the future?

We will never forget Brumadinho.

Click here to learn more about our repair actions.