Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
uniform, goggles, helmet and ear plugs. Visual wave artifact Vale
Image of a harpy eagle, a bird with a black and white breast and a grayish head.
Photographer: Pedro Cattony
Image of a jaguar's face.
Photographer: Pedro Cattony

At Vale, concern for the environment is present in all our projects and operations around the world.

However, we recognize that the nature of our activities may cause significant environmental impacts, so we invest in technologies, research and actions to manage risks and minimize the socio-environmental impacts of our operations in the locations where we operate, as well as establishing protocols and policies that aimed at recovering and protecting biodiversity, reducing pollutant emissions and improving safety where we operate. In addition, our priority is to carry out actions aimed at recovering the area affected by the collapse of Dam B1, in Brumadinho.


The transformation we want is directly linked to the preservation of biodiversity.

For this reason, we have developed initiatives aimed at research and the continuous improvement of environmental performance. As a result, we seek better results for our business, for people and for the planet.
Image of a small monkey. He is among thin tree bumps and surrounded by leaves.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Vale Botanical Parks and Spaces

Vale Amazon Bio Park, Parauapebas, Pará
Photo of three micos with caramel and white fur together.
Located in Carajás National Forest, Pará, Vale Amazon Bio Park is a pioneer in protecting endangered species and promoting knowledge.
Vale Natural Reserve, Linhares, Espírito Santo
Photo of a plantation and a woman in an orange shirt and jeans watering part of the plantation.
Covering 23,000 hectares, Vale Natural Reserve is one of the biggest conserved areas of the Atlantic Forest. It hosts a variety of environmental studies and visits by members of the community.
Vale Botanical Garden, Vitória, Espírito Santo
Photo of a park on a sunny day with trees, plants and a lake with a red bridge.
Preserved nature, biodiversity and leisure. This site, which plays an important role in conserving local nature, is also brimming with activities for the whole community.
Vale Botanical Park, São Luís, Maranhão
Photo of a park on a sunny day with trees and plants with an asphalt path in the middle and a lamp post
100 hectares of fauna and flora located in an environmental preservation area. The park promotes sustainable development and has a space dedicated to leisure and environmental education for the entire community.
Marine Farm, Rio de Janeiro
Photo of a woman next to a sign with a coconut tree and one in the background. The woman is wearing Vale uniform, a green long-sleeved button-down shirt, dark pants and sneakers.
This project carries out social and environmental initiatives in Sepetiba Bay and is helping preserve marine fauna in the Green Coast region of Rio de Janeiro state.
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Climate changes

Climate change represents a scientifically proven reality and a challenge that affects not only our productive activities, but also the entire planet.

The company is committed to contributing to a more sustainable future, based on its renewable energy matrix and the differentiated quality of its product. 
Aerial image of a forest where it is possible to see only the canopy and in the background the sky with a few clouds.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

To meet our energy demand, we also maintain a portfolio of contracts and own generation, consisting mainly of renewable energy.

We are currently positioned among the lowest electricity cost factories in the world. 

Image of a hydropower plant. There is a large concrete structure, similar to a high wall with some columns, occupying most of the image. Underneath there is water.

Photographer: Marcelo Coelho


Eco-efficiency is one of the main thermometers of a company committed to the future, such as Vale. The concept encompasses effective management between making necessary resources available without causing environmental impacts.

At Vale, we manage the waste generated in our production process, programs to optimize the use and consumption of water, noise and vibration monitoring and atmospheric emissions management.
Image of a dense forest with large trees. In the middle, there is a dirt road with some vehicles circulating. Image of a dense forest with large trees. In the middle, there is a dirt road with some vehicles circulating.

Mine closure 

The actions to close a mining enterprise must consider several legal, environmental and social attributes relevant to the process, in addition to economic issues. 

The integrated and systemic planning of the stages that make up the life cycle of the mine favors the optimization of processes and the management of their risks. In order to ensure the success of these actions, Vale establishes an integrated planning through a multidisciplinary team.
Image of an operation. In the foreground is a large pile of a gray powdery material, and a tall structure dumps a black powder in the same place. In the background you can see some warehouses and a mountainous area.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles