Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
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A Vale employee wearing protective glasses, helmet and gloves
Photographer: James Hodgins
A Vale employee is wearing protective glasses, helmet and gloves. She's operating a piece of equipment in a large iron works
Photographer: James Hodgins

Vale is one of the world's largest integrated mining companies, with global headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

We employ approximately 125,000 people in over 30 countries and are a leading global producer of iron ore and nickel.

Our purpose is to improve life and transform the future. One way we are doing this is through our global Base Metals business. 

We are in Canada operating sites with over 100 years of history in the local mining industry and we have an extensive infrastructure for the production, refinement and distribution of nickel and copper. 

Our history in the country began in 2006, following a USD 19.4 billion takeover bid for the International Nickel Company that was approved by stakeholders the following year. Starting on 2009, the company began to be officially called Vale S.A.
A Vale employee is in a room full of screens monitoring a graph

Photographer: Marcelo Coelho

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Vale Base Metals is one of the world's largest producers of responsibly sourced nickel, copper, cobalt and platinum group metals.

In Canada, the U.K., Brazil, Japan and Indonesia we produce critical minerals that power electric vehicles, create renewable energy solutions and help develop life-saving medical equipment.
A large quantity of nickel

Photo: Marcelo Coelho

Check some relevant information about our operations in Canada below:

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Vale employee with a piece of iron equipment in her hands. She is in an underground space, wearing protective equipment and smiling for the photo. Foto: Marcelo Coelho
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Where are we? 

Our Canadian mines, plants and offices are in Toronto, Mississauga, Sheridan Park, Sudbury, Port Colborne, Ontario; Thompson, Manitoba; and St. John's, Voisey’s Bay and Long Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Metal walkways in an enclosed operating space

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What do we do?

View of Ontario. The city is covered in snow and there is a lot of vegetation.


Ontario is home to Vale’s global Base Metal Headquarters, our Technology Development Centre in Mississauga, as well as our Port Colborne and Sudbury Operations. With five mines, a mill and smelter in Sudbury as well as a refinery in Port Colborne, Vale’s Ontario operations are among the world’s largest integrated mining complexes. We produce low carbon nickel and copper as well as cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver.
View of Toronto. The city is bathed in water and in the background there are several buildings and a large tower in the center.


The downtown Toronto offices house Vale's headquarters for our Base Metals business, which encompass our Canadian operations. The Toronto location looks after legal, human resources, corporate affairs, information technology, strategic planning, strategic procurement, finance, marketing and records needs. In addition, in Mississauga, we have a base metals technology development team that works to improve Vale's competitive edge and support growth strategies towards safer and more environmentally responsible technology.
View of Sudbury. There are several houses and buildings and a lot of wooded space


Our Sudbury Operations have been in operation for more than 100 years. With five mines, a mill, a smelter, a refinery and nearly 4,000 employees it is also one of the largest integrated mining complexes in the world. Our products include nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver. 
Aerial view of Port Colborne, in the corners of the image, it is possible to see a city with a lot of trees. In the middle, there is a river and a bridge connecting both sides.

Port Colborne

The Port Colborne Refinery was commissioned 100 years ago on the shore of Lake Erie.  Raw materials from the Sudbury operations are shipped to Port Colborne for processing. At the port, we produce electrocobalt, process precious metals and make and distribute finished nickel, shipping to various destinations around the world.
A man is on his back sailing a boat. There is a lot of vegetation in the background.


We have a proud history of mining in Manitoba, dating back to 1956 when we discovered the Thompson Nickel belt. Our operations in Thompson are located in the heart of the Northern Boreal Region — the Hub of Northern Manitoba.
Aerial view of Thompson. In the place, there are several houses and a lot of grass space, except the center, where there is little green area. In the upper right corner of the screen, it is possible to see a lake.


Known as the “Hub of the North”, Thompson is home to the Manitoba Operation, with two operational mines. With an ongoing mission to grow as a safe and sustainable nickel producer and to secure a prosperous future in mining and milling, the site occupies 250 acres in the northern boreal region.
A mountainous area covered in undergrowth, with the presence of water and few buildings.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Our Newfoundland and Labrador Operations are an integrated mining, milling and processing operation. Nickel concentrate from the fly-in, fly-out Voisey’s Bay operation is shipped to our state-of-art Long Harbour Processing Plant where it is refined into low-carbon and high-purity nickel rounds, cobalt rounds and copper cathodes.
View to St. John’s with different colorful houses/buildings.

St. John’s

In the capital of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, we have the office responsible for corporate affairs and operations for the Voisey's Bay and Long Harbour , which produce nickel concentrate and copper concentrate. 
View of an industrial area, with a big warehouse, several metal structures, and in the background, a mountainous region.

Long Harbour

Starting in 2014, the Long Harbour Processing Plant (LHPP) became an integrated operation with Voisey's Bay, which transforms nickel concentrate into copper and cobalt associated products produced at Voisey's Bay, Long Harbour uses hydrometallurgical technology that was developed following the completion of a USD 200 million multifamily research and development program.
Industrial area, surrounded by mountains. In the center, there are several warehouses and dirt ground.

Voisey’s Bay

The open pit mine and concentrator produces two types of concentrate: nickel-cobalt-copper concentrate and copper concentrate. Voisey's Bay is a fly-in/fly-out operation and requires significant infrastructure to operate, ensuring efficiency and the well-being of surrounding communities.
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Community Investment

Vale is one of the world’s largest mining companies, and we owe much of that success to the individual communities that make up the larger whole. 

A woman wearing a white coat and short hair is sitting and smiling for the photo. Behind her, there is a computer and a shelf.

Photographer: Marcelo Coelho

Strong communities strengthen our business, which is why Vale strives to build strong relationships with the communities we’re part of. We seek out partnerships that will:

  • Support initiatives that bolster the health, environmental and educational capacity in our communities.
  • Enhance national, provincial and regional programming.
  • Create a community of engaged, civic-minded employees and friends.
  • Build the infrastructure that a community needs to reach its potential.

Each year, Vale proudly invests millions of dollars in Canadian organizations.

Entrance to Vale's general office in Canada. A two-storey building with mirrored windows and the Vale logo Photo: Vale's Archive