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A Vale female employee is standing, wearing a mask and a face shield, talking to a person who is seated opposite of her.
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Since the failure of the B1 Dam in Brumadinho, we have adopted more conservative standards in evaluating our dams. Therefore, we react to the slightest sign of interference in locations, carrying out preventive relocations or emergency evacuations whenever recommended.  

Aware of the effects of these actions, we are making every effort to improve people’s quality of life, in order to restore, as far as possible, the previous conditions. 
Find out about the ongoing actions provided for in the Development Plans in each region.

Learn about the ongoing actions foreseen in the Development Plans of each territory:

Barão de Cocais

Due to the elevation of the maximum level (level 3) at Sul Superior Dam at Gongo Soco Mine in February 2019, the entire Self-Rescue Zone was evacuated. 

 In order to guarantee operational safety and the safety of nearby communities, the Gongo Soco dam was included in the scope of Vale’s Dam De-Characterization Program, through which all the company’s upstream structures will be eliminated by 2035.  
Work to de-characterize Sul Superior Dam began in 2021 and it will continue over the next few years, with all the controls and health and safety measures that this type of intervention requires. 

Photo: Video Deliver

Our main focus is to carry out the de-characterization work safely for the people involved.​  Learn about some of the actions that are part of the initiative:

Containment already in place to reduce impacts on communities and the environment in the event of a dam failure  
Use of unmanned equipment (remotely operated) to avoid exposing workers to risks
24-7 dam monitoring 
Environmental controls throughout the work
Monitoring of work by the oversight bodies 
To find out more about Vale’s Upstream Dam De-Characterization Program, click here.  
Construção de barragem cercada com área arborizada e com vegetação viva ao fundo.

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Compensation and Development Plan  

Based on a broad public consultation process carried out in 2020, it was decided that more than R$40 million would be invested in Barão de Cocais in the areas of education, health, infrastructure and urbanism, economic development, sport, the environment and watercourses, tourism, culture, public security and social welfare. Another R$30 million is being invested in the municipality based on dialogue with the municipal government and the community, totaling more than R$70 million. 
The Barão de Cocais Compensation and Development Plan Committee is made up of representatives of the community, the public authorities, education institutions, the local trade association and Vale. 
All the planned works and initiatives are presented below: 

Photo: Arquivo Vale

  • Job Market Preparation Program and Careers Hub 
  • Implementation of Cooking Vocational Training Center in Barão de Cocais 
  • Support for renovation of Brazilian Open University (UAB) 
  • Donation of 60 computers to UAB’s renovated IT lab
  • Educational Assistance Program 
  • Support for renovation of municipal government schools 

Photo: Camila Lana

  • Study of economic diversification of Barão de Cocais
  • Supplier Development Program 
  • Small Enterprise Development Program 
  • Program to Identify and Enhance Local Culture 
  • Horizon Program 

Photo: Arquivo Vale

  • Support for construction of Center for Medical Specialties and Physical-Motor Rehabilitation
  • Support for construction and renovation of municipal hospital, as well as purchase of equipment to set up 10 intensive care unit beds 
  • Support for Voluntary Rescue Team 
  • Health Cycle Program 

Photo: Caroline Generoso

  • Support for structuring of municipal sanitary landfill
  • Program to Strengthen Association of Garbage Collectors and to Raise Public Awareness 
  • Improvements to Soledade Farm

Photo: Arquivo Vale

  • Support for implementation of Keen Eye Project 
  • Support for Civil Police 
  • Support for implementation of Municipal Guard

Photo: Arquivo Vale

  • Empowerment Program
  • Plan to Strengthen Social Participation 
  • Social Protection Program

Photo: Vídeo Delivery

  • Support for construction of multicultural complex
  • Support for reopening of Fernando Toco Museum in Cocais 
  • Support for renovation of second floor of notary office in Cocais
  • Support for renovation of Nossa Senhora Aparecida Chapel in Barão de Cocais 
  • Creating Paths Program 

Photo: Arquivo Vale

  • Support for sports organizations 
  • Support for expansion and renovation of Multi-Sport Center 
  • Support for completion of sports complex in Dois Irmãos neighborhood 

Photo: Camila Lana

  • Georeferenced mapping of Garimpo and Cambotas hills with support points for adventure tourism 
  • Revitalization of gateway to Cocais 
  • Support for establishment of Entre Serras Tourist Support Center in Cocais (Gold Circuit) }
  • Support for establishment of Tourist Support Center in Barão de Cocais 

Photo: Arquivo Vale

  • Support for construction of exhibition park 
  • Renovation and revitalization of town squares
  • Implementation of Mobility Plan 

Photo: Vídeo delivery

We know that there is still a lot to be done to make the reparations of the impacts caused, and we are dedicated to that.

We are also committed to collaborating for the future of communities, through projects and compensation and development actions defined together with residents and the government.
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Evacuated Territories

On a tree branch, there are five parrots. Behind them, it is possible to see a grid.

Barão de Cocais

In a vegetation area, a man wearing a cap, a face mask, a vest and gloves is holding a fish.

Antônio Pereira 

In a vegetation area,, two women are face to face talking, one of them is holding a clipboard in her hands, and the other is fiddling with a tree.


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Programa Valorizar premia organizações sociais de Barão de Cocais e Santa Bárbara

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