Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
uniform, goggles, helmet and ear plugs. Visual wave artifact Vale
Photo of the chest of Vale female employee in an operational area. She is wearing a light green shirt, a darker green vest,  a face mask, goggles and a white helmet with Vale logo.
Photographer: Ricardo Teles
Vale employee smiling in an operational space. He is wearing light green uniform, radio communicator fixed to the shoulder, goggles, ear muffs and a white helmet with Vale logo.
Photographer: Marcelo Coelho

Vale in Maranhão

Our Maranhão operations are highly strategic for mining in Brazil.

The state supports the logistics of exporting ore production, through the transportation from the Carajás Railway to the Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal, which distributes to consumer markets around the world, especially China, one of the largest buyers of ore in current times. 

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Partnership for education

The support for education was the highlight of our investments in 2022, with investments in laboratories at IEMA and the Ciranda da Educação project. Our Professional Training Program also opened new paths and brought new members to our team. The Vale Foundation and the Vale Cultural Institute made possible projects that strengthen Maranhão's culture and help to perpetuate these values for generations. Dance, music, and other forms of art have gained space over the past year. Here you can also see the main results of our contribution to the economy of Maranhão through taxes, local purchases and jobs generated over the course of 2022.
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Our initiatives 

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Vale employees standing side by side in a company port. All wear uniforms with gray pants and green shirts, face masks, goggles and  white helmets.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Ponta da Madeira Complex

Initiatives such as improving water management, controlling air quality in areas surrounding our operations and preserving forest areas are some examples of the our operations in the region. Our priority is to invest in the continuous improvement of processes and in the strengthening of our commitment to dialogue with society and ensure its sustainable development. 
Vale employee standing with a radio communicator in his hands in an outdoor operational area of the company. He is wearing gray pants, a green shirt, a face mask, goggles and a white helmet with Vale logo.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Caravana nos Trilhos 

With Caravana nos Trilhos, we seek to promote activities regarding education, health and safety on the railroad. The activities also offer entertainment and recreation for children, youth and adults from the communities surrounding the Carajás Railroad.  
Vale employee crouching beside a large vehicle. He is wearing jeans, a light green shirt, an orange vest, ear muffs, and a white helmet.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Youth and adult education

In Açailândia, the Vale Foundation promotes a project aimed at Youth and Adult Education (EJA). We develop ongoing training for teachers and school managers, contributing to the preparation of these professionals to work with EJA. With this, we seek to strengthen the mobilization of community leaders so that young people and adults who have dropped out of school can resume their studies and expand their social and citizen participation. 
A woman sitting at an office desk. She is holding a sheet of paper in her hands and there are other sheets on the table. The woman is wearing her hair back, orange uniform with gray details and a red face mask.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

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Ponta da Madeira logistics

The ore transported by Vale travels 979 kilometers along the Carajás Railway (EFC) until it reaches the Ponta da Madeira Railway Complex. Upon arriving at the train yard, the set of 330 wagons is subdivided into lots and goes to the wagon dumpers. The ore then arrives at the Ponta Madeira Port terminal, consisting of three piers, and fills the vessels that depart to customers around the world. 
Vale employee in a closed operational space. He is wearing orange uniform, with blue pants and a white helmet.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


The Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal was the first port in the world to operate Valemax ships. These ships are larger than the Eiffel Tower, capable of transporting up to 400,000 tonnes of iron ore. 
A man on a metal platform, inside a port, looking at a ship in front of him in a lake. He is wearing jeans, a light green shirt, ear muffs, and a white helmet.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Pelletizing Plant

The São Luís Pelletizing Plant resumed its operations in 2018 and is part of the Ponta da Madeira Complex. Here, part of the iron ore (pellet feed) that arrives from the mines in Pará goes through a thermal processing technology that uses the fines generated during extraction. 

This process results in pellets, small balls of iron ore used to manufacture steel. The São Luís plant has a capacity of 7 million tonnes per year and has 380 employees dedicated to the activity. 

Vale employee climbing the stairs of a metal structure inside an operational area. The employee is wearing jeans, a light green shirt, a darker green vest, a face mask, goggles, ear muffs and a white helmet the company logo.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


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50 years of the Brazil-China partnership

Learn more about the business relationship with China and the agreements made recently

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Check out the 2Q23 Financials Results

Vale’s 2Q23 financial performance is now available.

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Vale announces strategic partnership with Manara Minerals and Engine No. 1 to accelerate growth of energy transition metals business

Partnership will fast-track capital program, generate jobs and economic growth

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Check out the 2Q23 sales and production report

Vale's Sales and Production performance for 2Q23 is now available.

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Check out the release dates for the 2Q23 Results

Vale S.A. (B3: VALE3 and NYSE: VALE) invites you to accompany its 2Q23 earnings release dates.

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