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How to request material collections for Vale?

Suppliers of materials hired with the FOB, FCA and EXW incoterms must request collections from Vale's carriers only after the invoice appears as “Validada” ("Validated") on the Vale Supplier Portal (e-Marketplace on the Nimbi platform).  

This means that the invoice was issued in compliance with Vale's prerequisites and the supplier can proceed with the collection request. 

In this case, it is required to deliver two printed documents to the carrier: the invoice and the “Invoice Response” page. To save the Invoice Response, the supplier must enter the Invoice page within the Module Paga and click on "Export PDF". 

If the grade appears as “Com divergência” (“With discrepancy”) or “Rejeitada” (“Rejected”), it will not be accepted by Vale. In this case, the supplier cannot request the collection, avoiding the return of the material and trucks stopped at Vale's entrances. You can identify the reason for the error by consulting the "Comentários” ("Comments") field 

Download the quick guide and understand which fields must be viewed for the NFe validation and collection request (ASN) process. 


Special Cargo

Only Vale can request special cargo collections. If the supplier issues this type of ASN, the request will be rejected by the carrier. 

Special Cargoes

Non-divisible cargo, with length over 12m, height over 2.8m, width over 2.4m or weight over 27t. 

Rolling Stock 

The ASN “Carga Rodante” (“Rolling Stock”) field must be marked only if the material is a vehicle. For example, a car or an ambulance. 

Important: If this field is incorrectly marked, the ASN will be rejected by the carrier. 


Entenda os incoterms


"Free on board". Vale bears all risks and costs of transporting the goods. The supplier is obliged to make the goods available at the place designated by the buyer.


"Free Carrier". The seller makes the goods available at a previously agreed location, where the buyer's carrier receives the goods and is responsible for them. 


"Ex Works". The buyer receives the goods at the place of production (seller's establishment) on a previously agreed date. All expenses and risks are borne by the buyer, from pick-up at the designated location to final destination. 

What to do so that the invoice is always accepted? 

Upon receipt of the purchase order, before issuing the invoice against Vale, the supplier must check that the order data is in accordance with the company's commercial conditions.

The following fields must be checked: order number, item number, material origin, unit of measure, taxes, CNPJ, NCM, tax substitution basis, tax substitution value, ICMS basis, ICMS rate, IPI rate, CST ICMS Tax Status) and use of goods (resale, asset, input, consumption).  

If any of this data is different, the supplier must access the Vale Supply Portal, where they can request an Order Settlement without Invoice issued through the Virtual Assistant (Val) or the ‘Meus Chamados’ app.


After correcting the order and answering the ticket, the supplier must issue the Electronic Invoice (NFe) with the data exactly the same as the order. 

Important: In the NFe XML, the order number must always be filled in the "xPed" tag and the item number in the "nItemPed" tag. If these fields are not filled in correctly, the invoice will not be accepted. 


Suppliers from Minas Gerais

Suppliers from Minas Gerais have a different procedure to perform the Electronic Invoice Output Registration. 


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