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The world we live in is going through a number of social advances.

In line with our time and focused on people, we work to make Vale a more diverse and inclusive company, in which each individual is free to be proud of their identity.

The cultural transformation that Vale is undergoing will only be successful if we manage to bring together diverse talents, with diverse perspectives, experiences and repertoires, where dialogue remains open and transparent. Therefore, we seek to establish a relationship of respect, listening, and zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, in addition to setting goals for the coming years.
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In 2021, Vale joined MOVER (Movement for Racial Equity). The initiative brings together 45 large companies in the country and multinationals in a movement to generate 10,000 new leadership positions for black people and generate opportunities for 3 million people in the coming years through practical actions


Double female representation by 2025 and reach 20% of women in senior leadership positions globally


Raise awareness of LGBTI+ guidelines and our company’s positioning of respect for sexual orientation regardless of personal beliefs and values

People with Disabilities

Consolidate the campaign to attract talent with disabilities in Brazil. We also aim to diagnose the current level of inclusion of our employees with disabilities, so that we can improve working conditions and enhance their productive and creative capacities

Local Talents

Increase training and growth of talent coming from underrepresented regions and countries among the company’s leadership positions


Raise awareness and engagement for a safe environment where everyone has a voice (psychological safety) and opportunities to develop their potential
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See our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report here

Affinity Groups

With the aim of fostering debate and providing a more inclusive environment, we created affinity groups formed voluntarily by people who have common causes, related to Vale’s positioning of Inclusion and Diversity.

Women’s Affinity Group
Ethnic-Racial Equity Affinity Group
LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group

Women’s Affinity Group

We aim to connect women to inspire, develop and support us in the challenges and dilemmas faced in our professional journey. We internally promote different actions that involve roundtable discussions, awareness of leaders and reflections on unconscious biases, thus contributing to the transforming company culture.

Flávia Souza

Ethnic-Racial Equity Affinity Group

Diversity and inclusion is not a destination point, but rather a constant path, we started our journey to seek a more inclusive environment and the creation of the Ethnic-Racial Equity Affinity Group was a very important point. But for the group’s success, it is essential that everyone joins us in the effort to make our voice echo throughout the company, in Brazil and in the world. To become a single voice that consolidates ethnic and racial equity.

Carolina Nascimento

LGBTI+ Affinity Group

The appreciation of diversity and inclusion is changing in a legitimate way. Vale is working on the pillar of education, goals and improving the consequences management system. The company has put people at the center of decisions and discourse and that was fundamental. We have a voice through affinity groups to drive insights into HR decision.

Willer Junior

Photographer: Alexandre Rezende

Mining by Women

Our greatest asset is formed by people and their trajectories. The webseries Mining by Women values the work of women who help to build a better and more diverse Vale every day. Our characters gain a voice and, through their stories, inspire other women to build their careers in predominantly male sectors, such as mining. Black, LGBTQIA+ and women with disabilities also show throughout the episodes that their place is wherever they want to be.