Vale employee smiling in green landscape. She is wearing a green Vale
uniform, goggles, helmet and ear plugs. Visual wave artifact Vale
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Photographer: Dario Zalis
Photo: Vale's Archive

The way to be Vale

We are no longer the same. With ethics and responsibility, we transform the learning acquired over the years to build a more inclusive, safe and sustainable future. We are driven by people and we seek to drive our business and the company's culture in an innovative way, making a commitment to promote collaborative and inclusive work environments.

You are part of this story.


Get to know our recruitment process and the premises for selecting candidates.
Vale-per-5 Photographer: Marcelo Coelho

We disclose all opportunities with transparency:


Equal terms process

Vale's selection and recruitment process values equity, respecting the candidates' gender, ethnicity, age, college, address and marital status on an equal basis.

Inclusion of women

We encourage programs that provide opportunities for the inclusion of women in all areas of mining.

Artificial intelligence

We use an artificial intelligence system that seeks to bring together the most suitable opportunities for each candidate.

Open dialogue

We encourage open and transparent dialogue with HR and company leaders.

Cultural Transformation

We have gone through a journey driven by cultural transformation. We focus on people and increasingly seek to leverage talent. We believe that diversity is essential for building our company in a more inclusive and sustainable way.

Vale exists to improve life and transform the future. Together.