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Photo: Vale's Archive
Photo: Vale's Archive

100 hectares of fauna and flora located in an area of environmental preservation, sustainable development and a space dedicated to offering leisure and environmental education for the entire community.

This is what the Vale Botanic Park in São Luís offers its visitors in a unique experience of recreation, learning and contact with nature.
Browse the page and learn more about the work of the Botanical Park and the actions that the space offers.

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Where we are

Where it is located
You can visit us on Av. dos Portugueses, with no number. Anjo da Guarda. São Luís/MA. Zip Code 65085-581.
Opening hours
Mondays to Saturdays, from 8 am to 4 pm.

Sundays and holidays we do not work.
Entry is free!

What will you find in the Park?

The Vale Botanical Park in São Luís includes Ecological Trails, Sensory Trail, Orchid Garden, Herbarium, Knowledge Railroad Car, Cactus Collection, Seedling Nursery, Meliponary, Sustainable Workshops, Games and Educational Dynamics, Espaço Vale, Tours to the Ponta da Madeira Complex and Guided Tours.
Its priority is to strengthen fishing activity, monitor bioindicators and promote environmental education actions, in addition to promoting interaction between Vale and local communities, employees and visitors.
Visitors can explore the entire structure of the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís, which holds up to 5,000 people in its physical space, through various activities and dynamic spaces. Some examples are the Ecological Trails, Sensory Trail, Orchid Garden, Herbarium, Knowledge Railroad Car, Cactus Collection, Espaço Vale, Tours to the Ponta da Madeira Complex and Guided Tours.
Photo: Vale's Archive

The promotion of education and culture are indispensable parts of the work carried out in the Park. Therefore, the space also has three classrooms, each with a capacity for 50 people, and an auditorium for 200 people.

Events such as lectures, courses and seminars are held in these spaces for both Vale's internal public and the local community and visitors. In addition, the space has an open-air amphitheater, intended for cultural, theatrical and music performances.
Access the schedule and stay on top of the news through our WhatsApp: +55 98 99138-5758 

Schedule of the Month

Click here and check out what will happen at the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís this month

Visit the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís without leaving home

Did you know that it is possible to visit the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís with just one click?

On the virtual tours website it is possible to learn about our operations and see the Botanical Park through a 360º immersion. It's super easy: once you open the map, click on Maranhão and select the Parque Botânico de São Luís (Vale Botanical Park in São Luís) From there, you can access the virtual tour from wherever you are!

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How visits work

At the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís, everyone is welcome! The space is open to the public for visit from Mondays to Saturdays, from 8 am to 4 pm. During the visits, activities are offered for all ages.

Attention to what is not allowed in the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís:
The entry of bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters, drones, among other similar equipment, as well as the use of a ball in the Park area is prohibited. It is also not allowed the consump-tion of alcoholic beverages and the entry and circulation in bathing suits. Celebrations that do not comply with our regulation for picnics and the entry of domestic animals into the Park are prohibited.

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have already been attended to at Vale Botanical Park São Luís from 2008 to April 2023

Main activities of the park

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Browse through the items below and learn more about each of the attractions that await you at the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís:

Vegetable Planting Workshop
Visit to the Complex
Sensory Trail
Knowledge Railroad Car
Orchid Garden
Seedling Nursery
Espaço Vale
Crafts and Environmental Education Workshop
Health Trail
Ecological Library
Cactus Collection
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In addition, there are also actions and events focused on the Visual Arts, Sustainable Workshops, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Musical Performance, Multimedia, Festival, Exhibition, Support for Social Initiatives and Health Campaign.

Photo gallery

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Environmental Education

Activities that provide learning to generate knowledge about sustainability are the main axis of the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís.

Below, we have gathered some activities that we offer to our visitors.

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Ecological Trails

The Park has three ecological trails in dense forest: Ciliary Forest, Dense Woods, and Forest Restoration. Each trail has its travel time and is conducted with the accompaniment of an environmental educator, who leads a group of a maximum of 20 people.
Along the trail, visitors learn about botany and curiosities related to native fauna and flora. In addition, it is possible to visit the Trilha dos Sentidos (Sensory Trail), which was adapted to receive groups of people with disabilities and the elderly. Within it, visitors can stimulate the perception of the five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing.

Environmental Education Program

The Environmental Education Program is offered to students from municipal schools in the Itaqui Bacanga area, with support from the Municipal Department of Education. The objective is to develop participants' environmental awareness, leaving a legacy for future generations by promoting sustainable practices and encouraging changes in attitudes at school and in the community.
The program works in accordance with the pillars of UNESCO and the topics addressed are: Air, Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Waste. The Environmental Education Program, from its first edition, in 2012, to the last one, in 2021, managed to train 1,376 students from the Basic Education Units of the municipality who live on the Itaqui-Bacanga axis.

Environmental Education Program

The Sustainable Community Project aims to encourage and train people through Environmental Education, providing guidance on the reuse of materials that would otherwise be disposed and developing new skills.
In this way, it is possible to increase the possibility of generating income for the communities involved. The project also takes place through lectures, courses and sustainable workshops, according to the local reality, focusing on the re-use of the most generated waste in the region. For example: food, paper/cardboard, plastic, fabric and elements of nature.

Project Caravana nos Trilhos

This socio-environmental initiative takes actions on railroad safety, environmental education, health and entertainment for children, youth and adults from communities neighboring the Carajás Railroad, in the states of Maranhão and Pará.
Since its implementation in 2017, more than 56,000 residents of communities neighboring the Carajás railroad (EFC) have participated. The project is carried out through sustainable workshops, lectures, chat with train drivers and games about railroad safety. In addition, services are provided in the areas of health, recreation, competitions, distribution of snacks and others.

Action on the Passenger Train

This initiative arose with the aim of bringing environmental education and entertainment to children, young people and adults, during the journey on the passenger train, on the route that connects the Carajás Railroad, from Maranhão to Pará.
Following the path São Luís x Açailândia | Açailândia x São Luís, the program is carried out throughout the train journey, making the experience more pleasant and educational for passengers. Among the activities carried out are: vegetable planting workshop, fabric tiara workshop, gift packaging workshop with milk carton, storytelling, skin painting, games, reading corner, among others.

Virtual Actions

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Park underwent adaptation to the new moment of social distancing. Thus, virtual actions aimed at the public were born. Starting in 2020, 58 actions were carried out, such as the Environment Week, 100% online, in addition to workshops, lectures and other activities that totaled 2,137 participants.

Participatory Planning Project

The project is a form of direct involvement of the Itaqui-Bacanga community, in choosing, monitoring and carrying out initiatives carried out in the Botanical Park.
The main actions involve clothing customization workshop, theatrical shows, alternative cooking workshop, talent show, musical Saturday, music workshop, dance class, mini course on project development, visual arts exhibition, among others.

Itinerant Park Project

At the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís, the community also helps choose the program!
The Itinerante Park project is a socio-environmental action developed for the communities of São Luís and the residents who live along the Carajás Railroad. Actions include lectures, mini courses and workshops, according to requests received, addressing environmental and social issues, with the participation of communities.

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Do you want to know more about the Vale Botanical Park in São Luís?

Contact us by e-mail or phone:
3272-7702 (Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm)