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A woman is bent, taking care of a lettuce plantation.
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Photographer: Rodolfo Duarte

Social-Economic  Reparation

Committed to fully making the reparation of the damage resulting from the collapse of Dam B1, both in Brumadinho and in the affected municipalities along the Paraopeba river basin, we invest in training projects and support for entrepreneurship.

These projects aim to strengthen existing production chains in the municipalities, such as tourism and agriculture, to reduce the region's economic dependence on mining activities. In this way, we contribute to increasing the population's family income and to local economic development.


In addition to this direct support, we also carry out projects indicated on the Socioeconomic Reparation front of the Full Reparation Agreement, signed with the government of Minas, the Federal Prosecution Office, the Public Prosecution Office and the Public Defender's Office of MG.

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Strengthening tourism

Promotion of Sustainable Tourism in Brumadinho

The program is an initiative by Vale, in partnership with Rede Terra, organizations and entrepreneurs that was born in 2019 with the objective of developing the tourism sector in Brumadinho with structuring actions. With a duration of three years, it includes 5 projects that are executed in parallel.
In a river surrounded by dense vegetation, two men wearing life jackets are inside a small boat.   One of the men is standing and casting a net in the water. In a river surrounded by dense vegetation, two men wearing life jackets are inside a small boat.   One of the men is standing and casting a net in the water. Foto:

Strengthening Tourism Governance

On this front, we work to strengthen the sector's articulation and support it in defining priority actions for the development of tourism.

Improving the Competitiveness of Tourism Funds

Here, we carry out a diagnosis of tourism funds and build a prognosis with the actions required for the insertion of municipalities in the tourism production chain.

Restructuring and Development of Tourism Events

Our objective with this project is to restructure and develop existing or potential tourist events in the municipality. 

Development of Access to Financial Funds for the Tourism Production Chain 

In this project, we developed financing mechanisms for the tourism chain and trained the various actors in the sector in the region, such as associations, entrepreneurs, local leaders, among others.  
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Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Private Tourism Sector – Veredas Tourist Circuit 

We support tourism in five municipalities of the Veredas do Paraopeba Tourist Circuit: Brumadinho, Igarapé, Juatuba, Mário Campos and São Joaquim de Bicas. 

Through simple investments, customized advice and concrete deliveries, such as, for example, the supply of promotional material and image bank, we support several local enterprises that make up the tourist route.

A man and a woman, both wearing brown T-shirts and protective masks, are in a kitchen making brigadeiro.


Vale employee wearing a protective mask is looking to the side and gesturing with one hand. Vale employee wearing a protective mask is looking to the side and gesturing with one hand.

Photographer: Alexandre Rezende


The use of the English language is essential in the tourism sector. Therefore, in February 2021, we created a customized program to develop tourism professionals in Brumadinho, contemplating the specific vocabularies of the area. 
Currently, 92 students are benefiting from online classes. 

Resignification of the Córrego do Feijão

We have the big challenge of providing the resignification of the regions affected by the collapse of the Córrego do Feijão dam, on January 25, 2019, with extreme socio-environmental impacts in Brumadinho. 

Aerial view of a dam. The place is surrounded by sediments which form “steps”, and in the middle, there is a kind of lake with turbid water.


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The Território-Parque Project is the result of dialogue with the region's residents and aims to restore the generation of job and income opportunities. 
The project was presented to the community at an open event in Central Square in December 2019 and all its updates and advancements continue to be debated.
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Among the proposals are the renovation of the Central Square, the construction of the Community Market and the Culture and Handicraft Center, the installation of local businesses, driven by the Community Social Entrepreneurship Project, the new paving and public lighting, the installation of filter gardens and the search for alternative water supply, sewage collection and treatment networks. 
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The local businesses of Córrego do Feijão are being strengthened through training and advisory services to residents. Currently, 7 businesses are being promoted. After identifying the potential of each of them, we assist in the business plan, invest in startups (seed capital) to consolidate in the market and provide technical support.  


Learn about other economic development projects carried out since 2019 on the fronts of support for rural producers, professional training and strengthening of social organizations, producers and local entrepreneurs: 

Aerial view of four colorful warehouses, the ground is dirt. In the background, it is possible to see a plantation.

Cultivar Mário Campos Project 

Prepared by Vale, in partnership with the municipal administration and rural producers in the region to support the production of farmers in the Mário Campos region by providing funds and technical support to resume, improve and diversify their farming activities. 
In a dirt area, a man weeds the soil with an ax. In the background, it is possible to see two cars, a water tank and a small house, in addition to trees.

Curral Tronco Balança – Pompeu Project 

The project, created to improve the organization and management of livestock activity, benefited 49 families in Pompeu. A corral, a trunk and a chute for containment and handling of cattle were built in the Queima Fogo Settlement, with the aim of facilitating management and driving commercial activities of dairy and beef cattle among the settlers and residents of the region. 
In the middle of a vegetable garden, Vale female employee is talking to a man and a woman. The female employee is wearing a protective face mask.

Professional training 

Completed in September 2021, the project, carried out by Yara Tupynambá Institute and financially supported by Vale, professionally qualified 144 residents of Córrego do Feijão and Parque da Cachoeira. The partnership enabled Civil Construction course, lasting 1 year, and Gardening course, lasting 6 months, in the aforementioned communities. 
In dirt area with some plants, a man in a hat is turning sprinklers on. There are several trees around.

 Horizonte Project 

In partnership with Semente Negócios, the project seeks to support and train people in opening and transitioning projects to business logic. The locations covered are: Itabirito, Barão de Cocais, Macacos, Antônio Pereira, Engenho Correia, and four other territories in Santa Bárbara: André do Mato Dentro, Barra Feliz, Brumal and Cruz dos Peixotos. The project started in April 2021, with the Maratona Empreendedora (Entrepreneurship Marathon), and ended in October 2022, with 79 deals.  
Three women, all wearing protective masks, pose for a photo. One of them is holding a certificate, and the other two, a box with a plant inside.

 Programa Valorizar  

The program seeks to recognize and promote projects that impact the reality of local communities. In Reparation, the Programa Valorizar has the differential of carrying out technical training with social organizations registered before the Public Notice is launched. Social organizations operating in Brumadinho, Barão de Cocais and Santa Bárbara are taking part (André do Mato Dentro, Cruz dos Peixotos, Brumal and Barra Feliz). 
Eight people, among them Vale employees, are on a sports court. Everyone is far from each other and wearing a protective mask.

Itabirito Development Project 

Vale's initiative, carried out by the company Raízes, was developed to expand the vision of independence of mining in Itabirito, fostering protagonism and the local entrepreneurial culture. In two years of the project, there were 400 hours of training, 315 hours of mentoring, 4 seminars, 10 lectures, 5 participations in fairs and 23 specialists involved in the process. An intense work that achieved significant results. The supported ventures created 152 new jobs and closed 84 new business partnerships 
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